Studio Information

Upon successfully completing a familiarization course and proving competency on the equipment, a resident of Calaveras County may check out, at no charge, production equipment such as camcorders, tripods, microphones, and photofloods that may be used to produce a video that would be acceptable for viewing on Public Access Television. (Note: Equipment may NOT be taken from the County without prior approval from the Manager.) Furthermore, producers are permitted to use all the facilities at the Studio, free of charge, including the video editing equipment, by appointment on a first-come-first-serve basis. A producer is responsible for the cost of any videotapes.

If under age 18, a separate form must be completed by the parent or responsible guardian.

Mission, Goals and Objectives

Mission Statement

The mission of Public, Education, and Government (PEG) Access Television in Calaveras County is to provide the people in the County with fair and reasonable access to cable television channel(s).


The goals for PEG Access Television are to promote free speech, foster diverse points of view, encourage communications, create opportunities, encourage artistic expression, expand educational access, and promote participatory democracy in order to strengthen the spirit of the communities and enrich the lives of our residents and visitors.


  • Encourage programs that focus on local information about community activities and events, community services, community education, local policies and issues, and other needs of the community.
  • Establish a broad base of community understanding, support, and involvement in Public, Educational, and Government Access.
  • Provide equipment, information, instruction/training, and resources to ensure the effective use of the access channel(s). Educate members of the community in video production so that they can develop their own community-related programming.
  • Work cooperatively with other similar organizations locally, regionally and nationally to promote and develop meaningful community uses of the cable access channel(s) and participate in the development of telecommunications technology throughout the County of Calaveras.

Operating Rules

The Studio does not preview a producer's program before airing. Therefore, I understand that the content of the program is totally my responsibility.

I agree that I will not record a program for cable casting, using Studio equipment, that contains the following, illegal subject material:

  • Material designed to promote the sale of commercial products or services.
  • Advertising which endorses or opposes candidates for public office is also intended to be presented as a paid political advertisement on other media.
  • The solicitation or appeal for funds for any purpose (unless specifically approved by the Studio Management and Cablecaster).
  • Material which constitutes or promotes any lottery or gambling enterprise.

  • Obscene material defined by the U.S. Supreme Court as: "A work which, taken as a whole, (1) appeals to the prurient interest, (2) depicts or describes sexual conduct in a patently offensive way and (3) lacks serious literary, artistic, political of scientific value."

  • Material which may create a danger or damage to property or injury to persons.
  • Material which advocates the violent overthrow of the U.S. Government.


I agree to advise the Studio and the Cablecaster if any of my videotapes contain any of the above material. Also, I take full responsibility for obtaining the necessary permission to cablecast trademarked and copyrighted material.

Model Releases

During videotaping, where there may be a question of "privacy", it is advisable to get a "Model Release". Copies of Model Releases are available at the Studio.

Statement of Responsibility and Compliance

I am the sole owner of any and all videos that I produce for cable casting on Public Access Television, and I accept full responsibility for its content. I will indemnify and hold Calaveras County, its Board of Supervisors, their employees, the Management of the Studio and their employees, harmless from all liability and legal action that may occur as a result of airing my program(s). I have read the "Standard Operating Rules" for Public Access cable casting, and I agree to comply with its rules. Violations of such operating rules may result in denial of future access to the Studio, as well as possible legal action against the producer.

Responsibility for Equipment

Any equipment that is borrowed MUST be returned on the assigned date and time since other producers may have scheduled the use of this equipment. The producer is totally responsible for the borrowed equipment, including damage and theft while under the producer's care. The producer is expected to return the borrowed equipment in good operating condition and in like-condition under which the equipment was borrowed. If the equipment has been damaged, lost or stolen, while under the producer's care, the producer is financially responsible to repair or replace the damaged or missing equipment. In the event that a producer fails to return borrowed equipment at the assigned date and time, or refuses to accept financial responsibility for lost or damaged equipment, the County Administrator or PEG Commission will decide what appropriate action to take.

Note: The Studio does not currently carry insurance on borrowed equipment. Therefore, borrowers should check their "homeowner's insurance policy" for possible coverage against damage, loss of equipment, or legal action due to cable casting your programs. You may wish to obtain separate "loss and liability insurance".

Code of Ethics

  • At all times, while using Studio equipment, producers are expected to conduct themselves with the greatest courtesy when dealing with everyone present. Keep in mind, that the people you are videotaping are having their work interrupted to accommodate you - at no cost to you. After completing a shoot, the producer is expected to express his/her gratitude to everyone involved.
  • The Producer is expected to wear clothes appropriate for the occasion.
  • Before and during a shoot, the Producer will avoid using alcoholic beverages and drugs (except for medical purposes).
  • The Producer must not give the impression to a client (or sponsor) that he/she represents Public Access Television or Calaveras County. The videographer is an Independent Producer who may cablecast his/her production on Public Access Television - providing it meets legal requirements and the Standard Operations Rules.
  • The Studio, together with all of its production and editing equipment is not intended for personal/private use.